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Mowing and Plowing is the NEW APP built for lawn care and snow plowing companies . 

No Bids , Free to use , Jobs sent daily , Uber Style

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Pick up one job or many. It's up to you!

Earn up to an extra $40,000 this season by picking up  daily jobs
Two easy services that all our   customers need!

Mowing and Plowing offers two easy high profit services Lawn Mowing and Snow Plowing. While we get to learn our customers and providers more we will open up more service options. 

The right amount of contractors per Customers . 

This is a big issue with other service apps because they flood their apps with many providers and its hard to pick up a job . We like to keep just enough providers to get all our jobs done and keep our providers happy. 

Same Day Jobs 
Our Unique 'door dash' style ordering system allows you to earn more by picking up same day ON-DEMAND jobs. 

Fast Pay 

After you complete the job and submit the pic, our team will view it as well as customer. Payment takes 2-3 days via direct deposit from the time you complete the work. 

True Lawn Guys behind scenes
Face it , unless you have done it before you just don't understand. Most of us have been in the industry for 10 + years , so we just get it . 


Join thousands of happy users!

Fast Pay

Get paid direct deposit in 2-3 days upon completing a job.

Easy to use APP

Pick up jobs 'Doordash' style .

Manage everything 24/7.

On Demand Jobs

Get paid more for Same Day Jobs. Bonus Pay

mowing and plowing app - Mowingandplowing.com

No Bids. Live Jobs

All jobs are pre-paid and live. 

Pick up jobs when you want.

mowing and plowing app - Mowingandplowing.com

Live Chat Support

Live agents available to help at any time. 24/7 support durring storms.

Grow you business

Some providers make an extra $40,000-$50,000 a season.

Joe - Ready Lawns
Earned $55 for this Lawn


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I know what your thinking not another Mowing APP. Yes, but here is what makes us different. 

No Bids- Those other apps make you bid on jobs. We send you the price up front . 

Fast Pay- Jobs are Auto paid after completion. Takes 2-3 days for direct deposit to clear. 

It's FREE - You pay nothing . Just sign up and we will send you jobs every day . 

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