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Thanks for joining the Mowing and Plowing Team . Here is a little help on best practices on mowing lawns , plowing , and navigating the APP. 

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Your success is our success. We want you to have all the advantages in order to succeed on our Platform . Great reviews and low cancellation will make you successful on our platform .


We keep our platform with just the right number of providers in order for you to earn as much money possible . 

NO MARKETING OR DOING JOBS OUTSIDE OF OUR APP - We have a strict no compete clause . You will automatically be kicked off our app if you leave marketing material , or book jobs with our clients outside of the app . Please refer to the terms and conditions

Getting Started
Setting up your provider account


Setting up your account is easy . We only require you have insurance , License , bank account , and cell phone to receive jobs. Everything else during the sign up is standard information . Below is all the steps during sign up . 


Bank Account Details - This information goes directly to strip in order to set up your account . This is also the bank account that your payments will be sent so make sure you enter the correct information so you get paid with no issues. 

Social Security - Stripe needs to confirm your information by asking for your last 4 digits of social security . 

Type of equipment - We ask this to make sure you have the proper equipment to complete the jobs. 

License , ID , Insurance - Please upload your license for verification , and business insurance . 

Once you have done this your information will be sent to our ADMIN for verification .  (Usually takes a few hours to 24 hour) . 

Reasons that may cause delay on approval :

1. Missing information / Incorrect information

2. ID , License , or insurance missing 

3. We may not be in your city 


Provider APP

Screenshot_20220410-163627_Mowing & Plowing Provider.jpg

Profile - Update your account and banking information.

Home- View available jobs , active jobs , and completed job. 

Earnings - Shows all payments made to your account.

Job History- Shows all completed jobs and details

Change Password- Update your password

Reviews and Ratings- Shows all your customer reviews and cancel ratings. 

FAQ- Frequently asked questions . 

About APP - Learn more about the app. 

Support - Live chat support

Report a Bug - Send us any issues you run into.  

Logout- Logout of APP 


Getting Jobs

All jobs are automatically sent to your phone when they come in . Jobs are already paid from customer so you don't have to worry about bidding or getting paid. As long as you do a good job and nothing is disputed from the customer payment will be sent within 2-3 days after the job is completed. 


Booking a Job

Once you download the APP you will begin to receive jobs in your area . Similar to 'Door Dash' you just accept or decline the job based on the details of the job . 

Tip: Only accept jobs you can handle in order to receive a great review . 

My project (23).png

Instant Job

The New INSTANT JOB features lets the customer order same day service .


What that means for you is more money. Same day jobs are charged an extra fee which goes to you . 


Only accept if you can handle these jobs same day . 


Cancelling a Job

Things happen we know . You can cancel a job directly on the APP . Just click on the job and press

( Cancel Job) . 

Please remember that all cancels may lower your overall provider score .

Deactivation Policy : Eligible if Below 75 % 


Completing a Job

You have picked up a job now it's time to complete it . Here are all the steps to marking a job as completed . 

1. Click Heading to job 

2. Click Arrived at Job 

3. Click Start Job 

4. Take 3 pics of job Front lawn , Back Lawn , and Address on house

5. Mark job as complete 

6. Take 3 after pics : Front lawn , back lawn , and address on house 

That's it . See images below of the process. 

Screenshot_20220410-194546_Mowing & Plowing Provider
Screenshot_20220410-194546_Mowing & Plowing Provider

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Screenshot_20220410-194553_Mowing & Plowing Provider
Screenshot_20220410-194553_Mowing & Plowing Provider

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Screenshot_20220410-194733_Mowing & Plowing Provider
Screenshot_20220410-194733_Mowing & Plowing Provider

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Screenshot_20220410-194546_Mowing & Plowing Provider
Screenshot_20220410-194546_Mowing & Plowing Provider

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Get Paid


Payment is sent after job is completed . Depending on your bank account stripe takes 2-3 days to receive your payment . If you do not receive your payment after 3 days contact us via support on your app . 

All Job Payouts are listed under your earnings tab . Use the filter to view payments on desired dates. We are working to add more details to this section.

Our FEES:  Admin fee is 20% for each job . This is how we are able to stay in operation and market for you . Here is an example of the breakdown . 

Customer pays $75 for a lawn .  

We take 20% or : $15 

You get 80% or : $60 

Stripe Fees are 2.9% so you must take that out of your $60 total. Your final Payout for this job would be $58.26


The Perfect Lawn

Mowing a perfect Lawn

In order to keep receiving lawns from us you must keep high ratings and low cancelations . Here are a few tips . 

1. Mowing - Make sure you mow entire lawn ( Front , back, and any side lawn ) at the correct height and straight line . 

2. Weed Whacking - Forgetting this step will almost always get you a bad review . All trees , poles , around the house , around the fence line , etc should be trimmed down with weed whacker to the same height as mow. 

3. Edging - Turn your weed whacker or use an edger . Put a nice line on each lawn . If lawn is overgrown do your best to make a solid edge. You are not required to dig out an overgrown edge. 

4. Clean up - Blow off all debris from sidewalks , walkways , driveways , steps , patio , etc . 


Here are a few tips: 

  • Mulch clippings - There is nothing worse than seeing clumps of grass in your lawn. 

  • Cut grass at correct length - 2.5 - 3 inches is typical grass heights . If the customers likes to keep their grass high and thick , then you should accommodate them . 

  • Mow earlier in the day - To avoid customers from having to call us all day to ask when the provider will show up , just give them a cut as early as possible. 

  • Refer to customer Notes- Look at the job notes as they come directly from customer. Do not do any extra work that is not required for mowing. 

  • Weed whack , Edge,  and clean up - Never skip on these as it will automatically leave you a bad review . Edging a lawn you can use weed trimmer . Do your best on overgrown edges , no need to dig them out . 

Job not as described

You accept a job that says the lawn height is 0-4 inches and you show up and the lawn looks likes this . What do you do ? 

tall grass cleveland Ohio Mowing and Plowing APP.jpg

The first thing you do is take some pictures and contact us via live chat on the APP .



We will try to negotiate a higher price for the lawn before you start . If customer accept the price you are good to start .   

Initial Price : $45   

Negotiated New Price: $95 

You receive : $95 


The Perfect

Dragging snow from front to end of driveway , clearing apron ( end of drive) , pushing snow to desired location from customer . 

That's It . 

plowed driveway mowing and plowing app.jpg


Doing great work leads to great reviews . Our top providers receive more jobs . Also don't cancel to many times because if your cancel rating goes up to high you will be removed from the app. 


Provider Support

Everything is pretty simple from signing up , booking a job , completing a job , and getting paid . But we understand that you may still have questions or concerns regarding your account . 

Contact us via Live chat from your app . If our support team can't answer your question they will send it to a team member who can.