Estimates - Speed vs. Getting PRICE 100% right

We all know that giving estimates can make or break your small business. But is speed the major difference between booking a job or not ? Maybe .

In order to decide this we must put yourself in the customers shoes .

Tammy wakes up and gets ready for work , on the way out the door she realizes that her grass is high and she needs it cut .

As Tammy drives to work she google lawn care services near me . Tammy is in a area that has many options for lawn mowers so she just chooses the first company that pops up .

Tammy calls the first company and nobody picks up lol , so she calls the next one . "Jim Lawn" .

Jim picks up and says : Hi , this is Jims Lawn care how can I help ? Tammy tells him that she needs a cut because her lawn has gotten High and her mower is broke . Jim then tells her he will be buy tomorrow to give her an estimate , so Tammy agrees .

Its now tomorrow and Tammy is waiting for Jim to give an estimate .

Jim wakes up and has to mow 5 lawns and then will go over Tammy's house to view every inch of her house to provide an accurate quote .

As the day goes by Tammy decides to call another company because she thinks Jim has stood her up . To be fair this has happened many times as it's normal for Lawn care companies not to stick to what they say .

She then goes online and finds where they provide an instant estimate and booking on their website . Tammy gets excited and places her order for tomorrow at the price of $45 (it's booked and ready to go instantly ) .

Jim finally makes his way to Tammy's house and comes up with the price of $49 to mow the lawn . He goes home and emails the price and says he can do it in the next few days .

The next day Jim calls Tammy and gives her the price only to find out Tammy has already booked with Mowing and Plowing and actually the guy is on her lawn mowing already .

Jim has not only wasted his time but has lost a client as Tammy has signed up for weekly mowing .

So you see sometimes SPEED gets the customer booked and you don't always have to worry about being 100% accurate on your price . Now this may only work on some service such as lawn mowing or snow plowing but don't let time loose you a customer .

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