Mowing and Plowing
vs. GreenPal

A GreenPal alternative to ordering Lawn care and Picking up Jobs

Have you ever heard the term comparing apples to oranges?

While GreenPal is an amazing marketplace that customers and service providers use, it focuses more on bidding system  vs. the up-front pricing model that we have developed . With Mowing and Plowing, we give our customers the ability to come on our website or app and instantly receive a price and order Same Day Services. 

Lets face it with a bidding system you have to go through a timely process. 

A quick Review​

The whole point of me choosing a online marketplace over just going directly to a local provider is to take the hassle out of dealing with the whole process. I switched from GreenPal to Mowing and Plowing APP just because I don't have to deal with the provider directly. I just push a few buttons and the job gets done. Sarah - Ohio 

Mowing and Plowing is a solution that everyone can enjoy

We offer many key benefits that we think our customers not only need but enjoy. The lawn care industry has become a back and forth system with bidding , poor customer service , and just overall hassle . Mowing and Plowing is a Lawn Mowing and Snow Plowing APP that takes care of it all. 


How do providers compare Greenpal vs Us. 

GreenPal locks you into weekly and every two week jobs with customers vs Mowing and Plowing lets you pick up jobs whenever you want. Also we don't have to bid. 

Key differences in Mowing and Plowing vs. GreenPal